A New Way To Invest In Real Estate

Now you can own high-quality assets in emerging markets.

Access emerging markets

Today the most attractive real estate opportunities are often found in emerging markets. That's why the world's largest investors are purchasing high-quality properties in developing economies.

Invest with the experts

Barriers to entry in emerging markets are high, and trusted local partners are essential. Frontera's Real Estate Syndicates make it possible for anyone to invest directly into investment-grade property deals alongside proven local experts.

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How it works

Frontera creates Investor Syndicates that align you with proven and successful investors in pre-screened and structured transactions.

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Lead investors identify a suitable opportunity and negotiate terms to invest their own capital.

Frontera negotiates an allocation with the Lead Investor and lists the opportunity on its Syndicated Deal Platform.

Qualified investors review due diligence materials and choose to participate in the deal.

Why it works

Investing in real estate is a winning strategy. Here's why Frontera is the right partner to build a global investment strategy.

No conflicts of interest

No brokered transactions - the interests of followers, leads and Frontera are completely aligned.

Simple and streamlined

Our user-friendly platform and active management of SPVs provide a hassle-free experience for all investors.

Direct access to local exports

Invest in high-quality opportunities alongside proven and established experts in local markets.


Smaller investment sizes - as low as US$ 25,000 enable creation of a well-diversified portfolio.

Access a larger investor network

Reach Frontera's community of 300,000+ followers and qualified investors.

Increased leverage

Leads can invest smaller ticket sizes alongside a Frontera syndicate and diversify their capital base.

Earn carried interest

Leads share carried interest with Frontera on completed deals and projects.

Improved control

Leads still maintain control, even if they don’t provide a majority of the project capital.

Get access to institutional-quality real estate from us$25,000

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If you are a developer or professional investor, and you have a good track record in one or more emerging markets, contact us to learn how to lead your own Syndicate.

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